Coming Back to the Table... but Not YET

Dear Friends,

Greetings in Our Lord Jesus! I hope this email finds you healthy (spiritually and physically). As you probably know or have already heard, we will likely be able to worship publicly in a restricted way soon. That date has NOT been set yet—but we are getting ready. 


Here at St. Anthony & St. Therese, we are working hard to prepare, but we need YOUR help! This a partnership, the parish needs to its part, and all of us need to do our part. I want our parishes to be an example of cleanliness, respect, and safety. I believe the eyes of many will be set upon us... Let us make our good Lord proud!


Here are some of the criteria we need to meet, and you need to know to make sure we worship together safely. This training process and communication process are essential because besides meeting all the standards, we need to make people feel comfortable and safe, returning to the Church. People will ask you about coming back to Church, and I need you to direct them in the right direction. These criteria have three aspects: oneself, the Church, and the Mass. Please read these guidelines carefully. I know you will!


  • Regarding Oneself:

    • Those over 65 or with a vulnerable condition should shelter-in-place. Each person must make a prudent decision; for this reason, the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass issued by Bishop Soto remains in force.

    • People are encouraged to come to Mass during the week (less crowded)

    • Masks and gloves are strongly encouraged during Mass.

    • Sign up for Mass (we will NOT exceed our capacity. Please make sure you have signed up before coming to Church). More information to come!

    • Do NOT come to Church if:

      • You feel sick or have symptoms.

      • You have been in contact with someone with COVID19.

      • Remember the most common symptoms of COVID19 are:

        • Temperature above 100.4 F

        • Cough or Sore Throat

        • The recent loss of smell or taste

        • Chills

        • New muscles aches

        • Gastrointestinal upset and diarrhea

  • Regarding the Church

    • Social distancing remains the norm (6 feet of space needs to be kept between individuals or families and other families or individuals.

    • We will celebrate Sunday Mass in the Hall (St. Anthony)

    • Weekday Masses will be celebrated in the Church (St. Anthony)

    • We will celebrate Sunday Mass in Church (St. Therese)

    • Weekday Masses will be celebrated in the Church (St. Therese)

    • We will keep our regular weekend Mass schedule until further notice @ St. Anthony.

    • Our two daily Masses on Thursday and Friday at St. Therese will be at 6 pm now on. 

    • The hall or church doors are only for entrance. The other entries are for exit only. The direction of the flow of people is shifted at the final blessing. Follow the instruction of the ushers.

    • We will need to sanitize before/after every Mass (we will need some volunteers to help us with this)

    • Socializing after/before Mass should be avoided.

    • We will remove missalettes and hymnals.

    • All doors should be propped open and remain like that all times. It is crucial to make sure air flows during the Celebration of the Eucharist.

    • There will be hand sanitizer available. You are encouraged to use it.

  • During Mass:

    • Social distancing remains the norm.

    • Do not hold hands during the Our Father, no exchange of the sign of peace either. 

    • Remove masks and glove to receive Holy Communion.

    • The reception of Holy Communion in hand is encouraged. 

    • Please do not move the chairs. Chairs are our way to ensure we use our building in full permitted capacity. 


We are coming back! The date has not been determined yet. We have an excellent opportunity to work together to keep everyone safe and be an example for our community! Let us do everything we do for the greatest glory of God!


Do not hesitate to contact me via email or on the phone if you have any questions.







Coming Back to the Table


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